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 Julia Koceva
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I am a 24-year-old artist living in Sweden. I work with stippling, which is a technique where you only use dots to create the artwork. I work with pen on paper, black and white only. I worked with photography for many years before I moved into drawing. My focus was always black and white. I prefer it because I feel that the composition becomes the most important part. I use the idea of composition as a focus point when creating all my pieces. In black and white, with the right composition an artwork can come alive. My subject matters are also chosen on this basis. Lately I have worked on a number of conceptual pieces touching on matters of inequality, social structures and how we define and mark our positions in society. I draw inspiration from the influence society has on everyone to compulsively categorize and judge our surroundings, regardless of what basis we have for this. It is a natural impulse to make swift judgement. However, now we have labels for everything that surpasses the necessary primitive instincts. I believe that these in prompt to judgement become a hinder in communication between people. I choose subject matters with a little bit of humor and fashion to highlight these labels.
Further, my fondness for stippling comes from the fact that each dot works as a “pixel”, combine millions and you end up with a vivid image.


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